• Lee Eigengrau

Eigengrau Art end of year post

This is my end of year post. Updates, links to all of my submitted art pieces and projects for the year as well as a few site updates. More exciting news and updates are being worked on as well as the Fathom Store which is already up but the official launch will be early next year (2021). www.fathomstore.online

My art gallery submissions for the year can be found HERE on my Facebook Eigengrau Art page for now until I upload them all into the official gallery via: www.eigengrauart.com Anyway I hope you enjoy browsing through my work for the year and yes much more exciting news and releases to come in 2021. So far prints, shirts, merch etc of my work are not yet for sale but they will be once the Fathom Store has it's proper launch. On that note stay (in)tuned. Peace and love and happiest holidays to all. Also thank you so much for the support it means a lot to us here at FATHOM RESOLVE NETWORK. PS: A small sample of my work over this year is added below. To see the full list in higher definition head over HERE. Thank you.