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A case for Ripple (XRP, FLARE, SPARK)

A case for Ripple (XRP, SPARK) and further SPARK information

The banksters don't like that XRP is a security, plain and simple. But don't let that worry you.

As in XRP's pros such as limited supply, high demand, amazing tech, the most potential out of any coin really other than the gold Bitcoin that will remain always the top because of it's quantity. Well Ripple's pro's in general as well as their technology overall and it's usefulness and effectiveness with little to no cost to transact etc. Instant easy to accomplish transactions,

But regardless of the agenda CNBC is pushing XRP will remain or SPARK will take over. Either or but ripple tech isn't going away no matter what the mainstream media, banksters, elite etc attempt to do to ripple in any regard. XRP holders know this to be true by studying it's uses (coingecko is amazing for github, whitepages etc to view the code for yourself as well as many other uses). Further links to self research Ripple and XRP etc are provided below. If you have not researched Ripple's tech at the very least I highly suggest that you do. Anyway that is just my thoughts on the matter for now. I'm always happy to discuss further and hear different opinions and perspectives. So please add a comment below and I will be happy to continue the discussion. Cheers.

Regarding the recent snapshot of XRP holders on the website the following statement has been released by Ripple (On the official ripple flare spark blog, link provided below) this was said:


At network launch, each account that has claimed Spark will receive 15% of the total Spark for which they are eligible. This is 15% of the Spark claimable term in the equation above. The remaining Spark claimable will be distributed over a minimum of 25 months and a maximum of 34 months.

Each month,* a pseudorandom number in the interval [2,4] will be generated by the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO). This number corresponds to a percentage of the initial remaining Spark claimable.

For example, if person X has 1000 Spark claimable and 4% is picked every month by the FTSO, they receive 100015% = 150 Spark at day 1, and then (1000-150)4% = 34 additional Spark per month for 25 months, coming to a total of 1000 Spark.

The average of the pseudorandom number draws should equate to 3% per month, the midpoint between 2 and 4. At this rate, the distribution will be complete within 34 months. The process runs until either all Spark have been distributed (minimum 25 months) or 34 months have passed. At 34 months, any remaining undistributed Spark is burned or distributed based on a governance vote. (If there is a burning event this reduces the amount of tokens that an individual receives overall, but their percentage ownership of the token remains unchanged.)

No one is treated differently in this process: it applies equally to the amounts that Flare Networks Limited and the Flare Foundation will receive."



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